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Jennifer Raby

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Batik and watercolour
498 Highcroft Avenue

Batik is an ancient complex art. Practiced in Egyptian times and in China Japan, Java and Indonesia from the 8th century thru to today to produce decorated cloth for clothing and wall hangings that utilizes textile dyes and wax resist to create unique designs on natural fibers. In the1920’s modern chemically based textile dyes started to replace traditional organic dyes bringing a deeper, brighter and more varied colour pallet thus changing the potential visual possibilities for the artist.

“I dipped my brush in dye and touched it to the white fabric stretched out on a wooden frame,

the colour spread stopping here and there as it met wax. It was magical and I knew that I had to learn all about it.”

I have been exploring this magical process (for more than 40 years) to produce fine art through the use of: textile dyes and various types of hot waxes as my paints; hot waxes as a resist; natural fabrics  of cottons, hemp, silk, linen bamboo, rayon and mixes there of as my canvases; and tjanting, water colour and acrylic brushes as my drawing and painting tools.

My Batik process and techniques can best be compared to … Read More »

Joanne Pasieka

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45 Huron Avenue North
Website: www.
Instagram: @GalleryPasieka
Twitter: @jebpasieka

Joanne Pasieka trained as a graphic artist at Algonquin College and now specializes in fine art photography. Outdoor landscapes are her passion.

Joanne shoots on days when skies are ragged and dramatic. She works her images post-shooting, highlighting tangled grasses & wind-tossed trees. Dying ferns reveal an elegant filigree. Some scenes are rendered to reveal restless movement; others are monochromatic and peaceful.

Joanne has always been passionate about our outdoor spaces and how they contribute to our well-being. The year 2020 was, for many reasons, one of reflection, new appreciation and gratitude.

Katherine Zarull

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36 Warren Avenue
Website: Zarull
Instagram: @zarullart

A 21 year signature member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour and The Society of Canadian Artists, Katherine paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour. From colourful and energetic to calm and peaceful, she shifts between realistic and abstraction creating timeless art. When not painting, Katherine prints in intaglio, relief and collography on her own beloved Praga etching press.

Heather Lovat-Fraser

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498 Highcroft Avenue
Instagram: @heather_lovat_fraser

Art can mean many things to different people. It can challenge you, excite you, provoke you and engage you. However, I believe the most important art in your everyday life should inspire you in a positive way. I create colourful, engaging paintings that remind people of the positive things in life.

I paint abstracted vibrant street scenes primarily of Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. This includes increased contrast, colour saturation, and less detail with all things being familiar but just a little off key. I try to touch people’s heartstrings with wonderful Ottawa memories as I paint local landmarks.

Tracy Armstrong

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12 Hampton Avenue
Instagram: @artbytracy

Tracy Armstrong highlights the magnetic beauty of our natural world using expressive texture details and layers of colour. Her collection of work focuses on energetic horizon lines, moody skies, flowing water, and rough layers of earth and rock; transforming and encapsulating her surroundings through paint, collage and texture. Tracy aims to capture the essence of nature through her art, transporting you to a nostalgic place of reflection where both beauty and simplicity are interwoven into a single dream like moment.


Richard Bond

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Sandblasted/carved glass
54 Gould Street

I was born in 1958, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan but I have lived most of my life in Ottawa. I attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto from 1979 -1983 and upon graduation I returned to Ottawa to begin working for a commercial stained glass company.

During this time, I began experimenting and developing my unique art form of sandblasting glass. I had my first public showing of this new art form in 1985 and encouraged by my success, I continued to develop my technique until setting up my own studio/gallery in 1988.

Over a career spanning more than 35 years, I have exhibited at nearly 600 art and craft shows across North America. I’ve had numerous awards and significant commissions over my career, but my biggest honour came in 2010 when I was selected by the Canadian Government to create a series of special artworks to be presented to the world leaders attending the 2010 World Summit in Toronto.


Janie Jaehyun Park

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Janie Jaehyun Park
486 Golden Avenue
Instagram: @janie_jaehyun_park_art

As a lifetime artist, Janie Jaehyun Park takes pure joy in transforming her state of mind into images. Whatever the subject is, her artwork is a delightful visual meditation.

Margaret Chwialkowska

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Landscape and floral oil paintings rendered with palette knives
195 Woodroffe Avenue
Instagram: @mchwialkowska

Internationally recognized Ottawa artist, Margaret Chwialkowska, works primarily in the Ottawa area, focusing on the banks of the Ottawa River and the forests of the Gatineau Hills, working to capture both, its timeless grandeur and the ever-changing moods.

Her work, distinguished by vibrant, almost fantastical colours and dramatic textures, has been honoured by numerous artistic awards.

She paints “alla prima,” using a palette knife; this technique permits a loose, spontaneous style allowing texture to evolve naturally.

The goal of her painting is to evoke the mood of a natural setting and to capture the feeling of being overwhelmed by the natural, almost magical beauty of a landscape.



Maciek Peter Kozlowski

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Mixed Media
100 Pooler Avenue
Instagram: @maciekpeter

Big and small we have them all. The pandemic pushed my emotions and resulted in many large pieces influenced by the pandemic with titles like “Social Distancing”, “Howling at the Covid Moon”, “Year 2020”, “Anxiety Relief”, and “Spring Squall on Lake Joan”.  There was also a new body of work of small pieces featuring Aliens and Ghosts over my uncle Jim’s 1950’s photographs. Maciek Peter Kozlowski is a multi-award winning artist, including Artist of the Year in the U.K. at artistsinfo and Daler Rowney.

Pamela Stewart

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Modern Mixed Media Abstract Paintings
276 Atlantis Avenue
Instagram: @PaminOttawa
Twitter: @PaminOttawa
TikTok: @PaminOttawa



A local artist located in Kanata/Ottawa Ontario, Canada, Pam is represented by Foyer Gallery in Ottawa, ARTprior Gallery in Arnprior, Ontario and exhibits regularly in several locations around the area. She also sells wearable art out of Ottawa Artisans store in St. Laurent Mall!

Pam is a guest artist for the third year on the WEST Tour, and her work uses modern and unexpected materials to create impactful abstract works that will add drama and emotion to your space.