Jennifer Raby

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Batik is an ancient complex art. Practiced in Egyptian times and in China Japan, Java and Indonesia from the 8th century thru to today to produce decorated cloth for clothing and wall hangings that utilizes textile dyes and wax resist to create unique designs on natural fibers. In the1920’s modern chemically based textile dyes started to replace traditional organic dyes bringing a deeper, brighter and more varied colour pallet thus changing the potential visual possibilities for the artist.

“I dipped my brush in dye and touched it to the white fabric stretched out on a wooden frame,

the colour spread stopping here and there as it met wax. It was magical and I knew that I had to learn all about it.”

I have been exploring this magical process (for more than 40 years) to produce fine art through the use of: textile dyes and various types of hot waxes as my paints; hot waxes as a resist; natural fabrics  of cottons, hemp, silk, linen bamboo, rayon and mixes there of as my canvases; and tjanting, water colour and acrylic brushes as my drawing and painting tools.

My Batik process and techniques can best be compared to water colour, but much less forgiving. What a journey! Come join me I love to share.

 Every artwork I make is a journey that I take with my heart, body and my sense of wonder. With each of these journeys I experience firsthand the joy of making art and the excitement of watching it develop before my eyes. With art I enter into a magical world in which time seems to float on fluffy clouds and all things are possible. What a journey! Come join me I love to share.


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