Jennifer Raby

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“I dipped my brush in dye and touched it to the white fabric stretched out before me, the colour spread stopping here and there as it met my initial wax placements. It was magical and I knew that I had to learn and explore this media.”

I have been exploring and developing this magical process and it’s tools (40 years+) My batik process and techniques can best be compared to water color, but less forgiving, more enduring (and no need to be under glass). What a journey! Come join me I love to share.

Art from my Heart:

Jenn Raby’s art education started early. Her mother provided her with inspiration and a nurturing, creative environment. Having early formal schooling in the history of Fine arts and training in their Medias Jenn ultimately found her visual voice with batik and water colour in her twenties. Her passion for Batik was born and has been keep alive and well by its unique elements and petulant requirement of the artist for innovative thinking and action.

Within a few years she longed to share the joy and magic of this process with others and began to offer classes to adults through the Ottawa City Programs.

Jenn now offers creative and structured courses leveled from intros, to advanced and beyond in batik, drawing and water colour in Perth and Cornwall and draws enthusiastic students from a wide geographic area. Jenn has also donated her time to Youth Services and to seniors at Carolina Court in Perth.

Jenn was a member of the Rideau Lakes Art Association for over 10 years and a former Vice President; is currently an active Manotick Artist Association, Ottawa Watercolour Society, West Carleton Art, Art Lending Ottawa and a honorary member of Focus Art in Cornwall and the President and co-founder of the Batik Artists Association of Canada (BAAC).

Jenn creates a new body of work every year still exploring batik as her primary visual voice with passion and amazement.
If you wish to immerse yourself in a very innovate art experience, come join her in one of her 4 day workshops she offers in Perth, Ontario.

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