Lenka Cutler

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Lenka Cutler 1

My process for making art is partly deliberate but mostly intuitive. I approach each painting with lots of energy, a vague idea of a composition and a possible colour palette in mind. Most of my vision goes out the window when I start painting as I get carried away with the natural movement of the paint and impulsive decision-making that follows. This allows me to be fully present in the moment – my own form of meditation.

I begin each painting with a thin wash allowing the drips of paint to partially determine the composition. Each layer of paint brings more clarity as a defined landscape eventually emerges. I fully enjoy the exercise of mindfulness in creating my art, and its unpredictable yet often satisfying outcomes.

Forever inspired by our beautiful Canadian landscape, I gravitate towards reflections and organic lines in nature.

My work explores the human condition and our interaction with animals and our environment, often verging on nostalgic, with dream-like glimpses of movement and light.


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