Submissions to the West End Studio Tour

WEST is always pleased to invite new and guest artists to apply!

This page outlines what you need to know if you are interested in joining us this year. You could become one of the “WESTies” if you are:

1. Artist-residents who live, maintain a studio or own property within the local area (as defined below), who work in mediums or genres recognized by the WEST jury as fine art and fine craft, who are prepared to share the work of the management and promotion of the tour and who agree to pay the required fees.

2. WEST is inviting qualified artists to join the tour as guests. Artist-guests are artists who wish to join the tour but who do not live, maintain a studio or own property in the local area (as defined below) and who would like to experience the tour for a year. Guest artists agree to meet all other conditions applicable to resident artists.

Guest-artist conditions:

  • Guest artists must reapply from year to year.
  • Artist-guests need to arrange on their own an easily-accessible public or commercial exhibit space within our boundaries for the weekends of the tour.
  • WEST is occasionally able to arrange shared exhibit space for guest artists and/or to recommend suitable venues.

Defining the Neighbourhood

Ours is a neighbourhood studio tour so we’ve defined some boundaries below to help you determine if your location allows you to apply as an artist-resident or artist-guest. FYI, we always prioritize resident artists as space on the tour allows.  The public wants to see the artist’s actual work space!

  • Boundaries of Kitchissippi ward: West: Sherbourne – Maitland to Queensway; South: Q-way to Kirkwood, then Carling to Champagne; East: Champagne and Bayview; North: Ottawa River.
  • WEST boundaries: West: Woodroffe; East: Preston; South: Carling Ave; North: Ottawa River. These boundaries include the ‘hoods commonly known as Welllington West, Westboro and Hintonburg.

Conditions of Entry

  • To become members of WEST, applicants must be juried in.
  • A panel of current WEST artist members acts as a “jury of peers”.
  • Entries may be submitted at any time during the year either electronically to or by requesting a mailing address via the Contact page at
  • New applicants should submit their work to the jury by April 10 of the current year to be included in the current tour.
  • Admission of new artists is by unanimous vote of the jury.
  • Successful applicants will be informed by April 15 of the year of the tour, and that is when fees are due.

WEST artists:

  1. Produce original fine art.
  2. Have a substantial body of work with a minimum of 10 pieces on display for the tour.
  3. Satisfy the conditions as Artist-Residents or Artist-Guests, as described above.
  4. Confirm participation by April 15 of the year participating.
  5. Pay the annual participation fee by April 15 of the year participating.
  6. Contribute volunteer time & effort to WEST.
  • WEST will not reimburse fees to artists who drop out of the tour after April 15 of the year participating.
  • Barring exceptional circumstances, any artist who drops out too late to be removed from publicity or who fails to open a studio on the agreed-upon schedule will be excluded from future WESTs


  • Emailed and web-based submissions as well as hard copies on CD, USB or photographs etc. are invited
  • Work must have been created within the last two years
  • Portfolios in hard copy will NOT be returned
  • Entries that fail to respect the guidelines for submissions will be disregarded
  • Applicants should provide the following:1. Portfolio of 10 images2. Emailed images to be JPGs between 100-300K3. A list of the 10 included images, with files named as follows: (#)_JohnDoe_2015_mymasterpiece_mixedmedia_90cmX50cm(IOW: Image number, your name, year created, title of the work, medium, size)

    4. A current CV that includes previous art shows and your intended display location for the WEST tour, which must be within the geographic boundaries of WEST.


ARTIST FEES are commensurate with how much volunteer time you contribute to WEST:

$100 – contributing artist, significant time*** (inc min 1 logo Sponsor) – due on or before April 30
$200 – contributing artist, minor role*** (inc min 1 logo Sponsor) – due April 30
+$150 if no Sponsorship $ delivered by July 1 – due on or before July 1
$350 – non-contributing artist (no meetings, no job, no committee work, no sponsor etc) – $200 Apr 30/$150 Jul 1

*** 1st year artists can ‘catch a break’ as they ‘learn the roles’!

Commitment to the Organization

Although all artists are expected to contribute time and sweat equity in some way, some choose to pay a higher entry fee instead. The tour is organized and operated by the artists themselves, on a cooperative and volunteer basis, for the benefit of all members of the group. Committees are formed early in the year to handle the various aspects of the tour. Those not paying the higher entry fee are expected to help with such jobs as:  General Manager, Treasurer & Budget, Sponsor Fund-raising, Website design & maintenance, Brochure/map assembly, Advertising & Publicity & promotion, Printing, Social media, E-mail list & invitations, Event organization, Poster Distribution… etc.

Artists are expected to attend all general group meetings and the meetings of the committees they join. Those not giving sufficient time or effort to the Tour may be asked to withdraw or to pay the higher entry fee. This will be determined by the group as a whole. All artists must display signs just prior to the tour and during the tour, to promote both the tour and their own location.


Many WEST artists cycle in & out of the tour, exhibiting in alternate years, for example.

Artists may take a sabbatical from the tour for one year without needing to re-present their work to the jury, unless the nature of their work has changed significantly. Returning artists are required to declare their intentions regarding participation or withdrawal by January 15th. Returning artists must meet the current criteria of admission to the tour. Artists withdrawing part way through the year must reapply the following year and are not considered to be on sabbatical. Those absent for 2 years or more might be required to offer their work to the jury again, although special consideration may be offered, as long as the artist was a valuable contributor in the past, still resides or maintains studio space within WEST boundaries and their body of work still meets entry criteria. Guest artists need to reapply each year.